Amazon Review of Maggie and the King:

We bought this sweet story of Maggie and the King for our granddaughters but the storyline is applicable to adults as well. I read it to my book club and they were in tears as we turned the final pages. Thank you Katy Pistole for the simple message of God's loving acceptance and understanding of me.

Katy has two stories in The Horse of My Heart released in October 2015, published byRevell.

The Sonrise farm series

Maggie and the King was published by Theotrope Publishing in April, 2015

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God ... John 1:1


I am so glad you are here. My name is Katy Pistole and I am first and foremost, a Wordlover. What is a Wordlover? Someone who loves Jesus. He is, in some miraculous way, the Word (the Bible) made human. He came to rescue us and bring us into His abundant Life. I cannot comprehend all that means. But I love it! And I love Him.

I am also a veteran home-school mom. My own 2 children are grown now, but I have had the privilege of teaching hundreds of children about the joy of writing. My love for the Word, and writing has led me on all sorts of adventures. I have authored 8 books, 5 of which are published. I have won awards and been asked to speak all over the country.

The Sonrise Farm Series is the story of Jenny Thomas, a young horse loving girl ( have you noticed that most girls, 8 to 18, LOVE horses?) who wants a horse more than anything. Jesus uses her desire for a horse to reveal His heart for her. Jesus draws Jenny into relationship through his wonderful creation, the horse.

My love for Jesus has led me to a counseling ministry for youth and women called Beautiful Brokenness . Beautiful Brokenness incorporates rescued horses into the story of rescue, redemption and reconciliation.‚Äč

I believe story is written on the hearts of all men, women and children. There is an eternal pattern and rhythm to story that even non-believers recognize and enjoy. The vehicle of story is an amazing opportunity to share His love, His Life, His passion for His children.

Great books for Life!