Book Four, Morning Glory


Book Three, Flying High

Jenny Thomas is mad! Mad at her dad for moving from Northern Virginia. Mad at Daniel for not helping rescue Sunny and her colt, Fury, from his aunt's abuse. 

Book Two, Stolen Gold

​Jenny Thomas and her golden Palomino mare are torn apart when famous horse trainer Vanessa DuBois appears and claims that Sunny is really named Gold N' Fire, a valuable show jumper, stolen from her eighteen months ago...

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Book Three is coming soon! Look for it in late November 2017!

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The Sonrise Farm Series

Book One, The Palomino

Jenny Thomas has her heart set on one thing ~ a golden Palomino all her own. But it seems like the only horse she will ever have is the one in the poster on her bedroom wall. At least there's horse camp to look forward to ~ if she can earn the money...

Great books for Life!

I've never been so pulled into a book before! The Palomino is the first ever book I don't want to stop reading. It's so good and detailed. I am so excited to finish reading The Palomino and go on to the other books! I can't wait!

Jeremiah V ~ 12 years old

Sunny nearly dies giving birth to Morning Glory - her beautiful Palomino foal. Jenny suspects that her old enemy, Vanessa DuBois, is to blame and decides to take her horses home to Sonrise Farm early before something awful happens. After narrowly escaping a head-on collision with a familiar blue Mercedes, a freak tornado uproots a tree right in front of them and causes a terrible crash. The driver of the Mercedes is badly hurt in the same collision and might die. Jenny can help, but what will she do when she discovers that the driver is . . . Mrs. Dubois!