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Welcome to my corner of the Internet! I am so glad you found me. I am a Jesus~lover first and foremost. I love to share His Words written and spoken. In my daily days I get to share His Life with hurting women and teens through my discipleship ministry called Beautiful Brokenness. 

Over the summer (2018) I hunkered down and finally finished editing Jubilee. This feels miraculous to me because I have longed for this opportunity for years.  Thank you, CC, for making that dream a reality!

I have been a writer my whole life and still feel my heartbeat quicken when I think of a new story or word picture. I especially love it when the story or picture comes from Him. Jubilee, The Love Story is one of those stories. 

I am a retired home~school mom. Both of my little ones are much taller than I am and are well into their own lives. My daughter is married and living in Culpeper with her family. My son is an avid bicycle racer, working as a firefighter in Northern Virginia. Amazing!

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Katy Pistole is an award~winning author, speaker, ordained minister, and the founder of Beautiful Brokenness Ministries, a horse~themed discipleship ministry located in Central Virginia. Katy loves to share His Story in her stories. Jesus is the point of it all ~ right?

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My Big News!
Jubilee, The Love Story has been nominated for the

Author Academy Awards!

Jubilee has been nominated for the Author Academy Awards! This is an exciting opportunity to share the message of The Good Shepherd!

To vote for Jubilee, simply click the link. Jubilee The Love Story is in the Religion category which is found on page 11. Just click the arrow in the top left side of the ballot box until you get to page 11, the Religion category!

The other way to help spread the message of Jubilee is through an Amazon review. You can read the 5-star reviews here

‚ÄčThank you for reading Jubilee The Love Story and for helping share the love!