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"If I am unaware of God's presence in each moment, is it because He is not present or because I am unaware?" 

What women are saying!

 "I met Katy when my whole world was falling apart. I was waiting for my daughter's birth and then immediate death. I was not going to trust a God who would allow that to happen to me. Katy helped me see that God was not using me or my pain. He was sufficient for me in the midst of my pain.  This ministry is one of the most powerful pictures of God's love I have ever seen." ~ Ginger D. Retreat participant 

" Katy is outstanding. She was vulnerable, approachable, genuine, transparent, engaging. "

"The highlight of the retreat was Katy and the way she communicates Christ.  She was wonderful.  I could keep listening to her for days! "

"I absolutely loved Katy and how she told stories from her life; how she was genuine and gave us the parallels between her and her horse and God and us." 

"Katy’s deep, personal relationship with Jesus was evident as she prepared for her time with us, as she spoke, and as she worked with Scooter.  The picture of Katy and Scooter will be one that I remember forever as a beautiful picture of God’s love, patience, and acceptance of me."

His Story

That's what it's all about.


The way Jesus reveals Himself to each one of us, His way, His time.

Jesus draws me into His Story where I find myself and who I am in Him.

If you are looking for a speaker who shares His transformational truth in a unique and memorable way, I'd love to share with you. 


How much does it cost? 
My fees depend upon location, whether Scooter will accompany me, length of speaking engagement and other variables. Contact me to discuss your event and needs. I would love to work with you!

What will you talk about?
I love to share from my own life experiences and the way God has used horses to help me see Him and His heart. Much like The Good Shepherd parable, Scooter's story of rescue, redemption, and reconciliation has transformed my understanding of who God is and what He wants from and for me.

Here are a few titles of favorite talks.

Time and the Round Pen ~  God is not bound in time, He created time for us. If I don't know this, I will find it difficult to trust that Jesus has already seen and made perfect provision for me. The round pen is also a powerful picture of what it means to be in. I am IN Christ and He is IN me. What does that mean in the everyday?

What's Your Story? ~  Have you ever thought about His Story? Jesus is the ultimate creative writer. His Story has no end, and He has drawn you into that Story. What does that mean for your story?

Grace in The Garden ~ What really happened in The Garden of Eden? The law of sin and death and another law came into being that day. Both laws affect our everyday relationships.  But how? The answer will change the way you see Life.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have!