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Books for Life

Theotrope Publishing

Theotrope Publishing is a small, independent, Christ-centered publishing company founded by Katy Pistole. The word Theotrope is a made up word that came about on a women's retreat. My sweet friend Tracy Kakadelis was using heliotrope flowers as another picture of God's handiwork in nature. Webster's definition of a heliotrope is "any plant that turns its face to the sun."

Sunflowers are heliotropes, as they turn their flowery faces to the sun, following it all day. Another friend, Margot Heine, quipped, "we are theotropes! We keep our faces on The Son all day!" 

I LOVED that and asked her if I could swipe it. She agreed, and Theotrope Publishing was born!

Mission Statement for Theotrope Publishing:

Theotrope Publishing is a Christ-centered, independent publishing company dedicated to sharing the Abundant Life of Jesus Christ through words, written and spoken.

Theotrope Publishing is a member of the Christian Indie Publishing Association.

Currently, Theotrope Publishing is focused upon publishing The Brokenness Project materials for Beautiful Brokenness Ministries and The Sonrise Farm Series, by Katy Pistole. In the future, Theotrope will publish materials for Young Christian Authors, a mentoring and advocacy organization founded by me ~ Katy Pistole!

I can't wait to see what The Son does next with Theotrope Publishing!